Central Fund of Canada Shareholders

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Welcome to SprottAdvantage.com. Sprott Asset Management (“Sprott”) is globally recognized as a leading precious metals investor. Experienced with gold and silver funds, we believe investors in physical bullion vehicles want a secure and convenient product that:

  • has reasonable redemption features,
  • trades at or around the market value of the bullion it holds, and
  • is appropriately marketed to generate buying interest and enhanced trading liquidity.

As Central Fund of Canada (“CFCL”) shareholders, we have been disappointed by the CFCL’s severe underperformance and conflicted management structure.

Because of these concerns, Sprott has submitted an application to the Alberta court to commence proceedings for the purposes of calling and holding a special meeting of CFCL shareholders to consider a proposed statutory plan of arrangement that would, effectively, involve the exchange of Central Fund of Canada Limited’s Class A shares for trust units of a newly-formed Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust.

The Sprott Advantage Brings Value to Your Investment

The proposed arrangement offers CFCL shareholders an opportunity for increased liquidity and a meaningful reduction in the persistent NAV discounts that have negatively impacted their investments.

CFCL shareholders will benefit from ownership of a product with best-in-class physical bullion redemption features, high-visibility in the marketplace, and a team dedicated to ensuring that their investment accurately reflects the value of the gold and silver that underlies it.

We are seeking an interim order providing for the calling and holding of a special meeting of CFCL shareholders to consider and vote upon the proposed arrangement.

This website is meant to help CFCL shareholders find all the information they require to make informed decisions and get the value they deserve.

Sprott Files Court Application Proposing a Plan of Arrangement involving Central Fund of Canada

March 8, 2017